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  • UK Door To Door VAT PAID Courier Services.

    UCL offers Courier Services From Lahore Office to UK Door Step on VAT PAID Basis on Very Attractive Rates Kindly Contact  For economical Courier Rates.

  • New Direct Services

    UCL is proudly  to announce Its direct Perishiable forwarding Services for Tornonto Canada.We also Serve The same for Oslo Norway ,Amesterdam ,Paris, London,Manchester secotrs.

  • Worldwide Door Deliveries

    We Proudly Announce our

    Services for Word Wide

    Baggage And small Parcels

    Home Deliveries.Most of Time

    it is Most economical then

    conventional Air cargo

    forwarding.Please contact us

    for the latest rates.

Cut Flowers Air Cargo Transportation

As cut flowers market is growing globally.Air cargo transportation is going to be one of the top priority transport system of choice for fresh cut flowers. The Forwarding of fresh cut flowers through Air transportation needs a specific handling approach Which is the specialty of UclCargo Logistics system.


Air cargo Industry analysts stress the importance of quality and reliable Handling mechanism for freight and handling of cut flowers. One of the most important aspect in Airfreight Forwarding is freshness and vase life, and these aspects are only possible with most expert Forwarding and logistics cargo system both from agent as well as airline.Loss in the quality of flower parts will result in rejection in the international marketplace. Which effect Shipper, Cargo Agent as well as Airline.











Mostly fresh cut flowers loose quality due to improper packing, cold chain mismanagement and cargo agent as well as airline mishandling. causes, wilting of leaves and petals, change in color of leaves, phototropic bending of stems.

On international Forwarding scale, Uclcargo air transport is one of best preferred mode of transportation as compared to our surface modes transportations systems like road freight or sea freights etc. Our highly trained staff knows how to manage the maintenance of the cold chain and how to avoid multiple handling during transit freight connections, loading as well as offloading’s during air transportation.
Due to negative effects of different environmental transport temperatures as well as overheating of packed flowers inside corrugated carton packing’s, they should be air transported at close to the optimal temperatures. As an IATA certified cargo Agents we have Airlines systems for aircraft transportation of flowers under controlled temperatures. Fresh flowers air cargo transportation is one of our Specialty in international freight market.Keep contact with our staff for any further query.